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Contingent Fee Agreements
are often available for injury matters such as accidents/wrongful death, Social Security disability, and worker's compensation. In cases taken on a contingent fee basis, no fee is paid up front, and no fees are paid if we cannot recover for you. The contingent fee rate for car accidents is usually one-third plus costs, but the rate may vary depending on the type of case, the amount in controversy, and the merits of the claim. Rates for worker's compensation are set by the Legislature and are uniform through the state. First consultations on accidents/injuries are always free.

Hourly Rates
for most other work runs approximately $200 per hour depending on the type of matter. Cases taken on an hourly rate basis usually require an up-front, refundable down payment (retainer) to be applied against any actual legal services performed for a client and for costs and expenses incurred during the course of a client's case.  Retainers are set after the initial consultation.  In certain cases, we may require payment of a non-refundable engagement fee or advance in order to secure our availability for a specific service.

Flat Rates
are sometimes arranged for routine services. Flat rates need to be pre-arranged and confirmed in writing prior to the start of the services.

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